A job interview is a stressful situation for anyone. It is a professional dance between showing your personality without being too casual. Whether you are interviewing for a large company or a small franchise, a first impression can never be changed.


Be On Time

The first impression you are going to give a future employer is when you are going to show up. If you show up 15 minutes late to a job interview, your first impression to them is that you are a late person. It also indirectly communicates that you do not care enough about the business to show up on time. A great tip is to make sure you are at the building 10 to 15 minutes before your scheduled interview time.


Dress Appropriately

The attire you wear to a job interview can either make or break you. Wearing the appropriate uniform shows that you are willing to adapt yourself for the needs and demands of the company. A great rule of thumb is to do some research about the company and understand what they expect visually from their current employees. Underdressing is more noticeable than overdressing for a job interview.


Be Excited About the Job/Company

One mistake that job interviewees seem to always overlook is the preparation prior to the job interview. Research the company, the position you are interviewing for, and the general atmosphere in which you could possibly work in. These small steps of preparation for an interview can make or break you during the employer questioning. You will even be more confident in your interview because you will have the knowledge to answer their questions proudly about their business.


Turn Off Your Phone

Professionalism sometimes boils down to common courtesy. Turning off your cell phone during an interview communicates that you are willing to give all of your attention and focus to the interviewers. When you keep your phone on, it communicates that you are still focused on other things rather than the task at hand. It also shows you are not willing to give your complete self to a job.


Do Not Get in Your Own Head

Job interviews can be a daunting task. If you are prepared, excited about the work, and are confidant that you can hold the position, you are on the right track to giving a stellar interview.