Kewho Min is a licensed CPA who has led the accounting strategies of some of the world’s largest companies.

With his executive level accounting experience in a major stock exchange and a global investment bank, Kewho Min views accounting as the “lifeblood” of any organization. A Montclair State University alumnus, Kewho has expertise in technical accounting, corporate reporting, and consolidations.

Kewho believes that all aspects of a successful business, from on-the-spot decisions to long-term projects, require a solid and trustworthy financial support system. People generally view consolidation as simply pulling in subsidiary financial statements and then consolidating under the umbrella of the parent company. However, Kewho Min takes it one step further by directly collaborating with all subsidiaries’ departments to ensure thoroughness and accuracy. He’s worked with sales, legal, acquisitions, treasury and human resources departments, and this interdepartmental effectiveness has led to more streamlined success. Kewho has overseen major enhancements of the monthly closing processes,which has resulted in the reduction of the closing cycles of the various organizations he has been part of.

Kewho Min was the Corporate Controller and Vice President of Jefferies Group, LLC from 2014 to 2015, during which time he managed ten accounting professionals. Prior to this, Kewho was Vice President of GL and Consolidation at NASDAQ OMX, where he held similar roles in the preparation and overall consolidation of Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Cash Flows and Statements of Shareholders’ Equities.

Kewho has extensive knowledge in both Hyperion Financial Management and Hyperion Essbase. He has utilized each tool to increase efficiencies of the accounting and reporting processes. He is also highly accomplished in working through General Ledger Implementations ( SAP, PeopleSoft, JDE, etc.) which includes the management of the chart of accounts and the development of the functionalities required to ensure a secure and controlled environment.

One of Kewho’s most influential professional experiences was working for Nielsen overseas in Haarlem, the Netherlands. He handled the sensitive task of transitioning the city’s corporate functions back to New York and managed consolidations of USGAAP, IFRS and Dutch GAAP reporting. Kewho had worked for Nielsen for three years up to this point, and this was his first major step into the complexities of foreign statutory and tax reporting.

Following his time at Nielsen, Kewho served as the Vice President of Finance at ICON Investments from 2007 until 2009. He oversaw all technical accounting research and deal accounting. He also helped hire and train staff to create stronger teams. At ICON, he worked hands-on in the preparation and review of SEC documents. It should be noted that at ICON, Kewho was responsible for the closing of seven investment leasing funds which required 7 SEC filings per quarter.

Kewho Min is passionate about accounting because it lays the very groundwork that helps companies thrive. The sector has no room for figureheads; instead it requires professionals across various departments and even industries to work together in planting the roots for success. Kewho enjoys the ability to craft creative solutions within a rule-based sector and to devise more efficient workflows.

Over the course of his storied career, Kewho Min has prepared and reviewed U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) documents and consolidated overall financial statements for numerous multinational corporations and investment funds. Most recently he served as Corporate Controller and Vice President of Jefferies Group, LLC in Los Angeles, California. Prior to this he was the Vice President of NASDAQ, the second-largest exchange in the world by market capitalization, for nearly five years.

Currently, Kewho Min is the Director of Global Accounting for Walmart, where his vast expertise in domestic and international accounting plays a large role in day-to-day operations. As Director, Kewho leads Walmart’s varied Global Market Team, providing insight and leadership to members of the Global Accounting, Global Technical and Global Consolidation Teams, as well as International Support and the local market controller. By propagating crucial information through knowledge sharing, communication, information flow and market support, Kewho is able to lead Walmart’s Global Accounting Team to new heights. Kewho Min is also responsible for leading monthly financial reviews, quarterly market visits, ensuring compliance with Walmart accounting and governance policies, and a bevy of other tasks that require stringent financial, coordination and leadership skills.

While an avid worker at heart, Kewho Min is also extremely dedicated to his family, his sports teams and has an intense passion for the city of New York. As a proud husband and father, Kewho relies on the core family values instilled in him by his own parents to nurture both his family and friendships. As far as sports are concerned, Kewho is a relentless Dallas Cowboys fan, sticking with them through thick and thin ever since childhood. He also enjoys baseball, and because of his deep admiration for New York City’s endless possibilities, opportunities and thriving culture, is a die-hard New York Yankees fan. Kewho Min is also a huge proponent of a variety of causes such as child abuse prevention and world health and nonprofit organizations, believing that transparency in funding is paramount in initializing true change.

A self-motivated and determined worker, Kewho Min believes that taking control of one’s own destiny is necessary for success; by learning from mistakes and becoming self-sufficient, any person can go wherever they dream to be. It is this mindset that has allowed Kewho to become a respected member of the accounting industry.