Interview with Kewho Min

Kewho Min is a dedicated and respected professional in the accounting industry. For several decades, Kewho has worked with a variety of companies, from major financial institutions to global retail brands. During this time, Kewho has learned a great deal as well as imparted a large amount of his own talent, skill and wisdom onto his coworkers, both past and present. Kewho has been able to earn the respect and admiration of his coworkers and community members through hard work, dedication and exceptional skill. He currently serves as a controller of a notable and highly-respected digital marketing and online acquisition company.

Previously, Kewho Min has served as a vice president, director and high-level executive for a multitude of high profile companies and organizations. In these previous positions, Kewho has worked with a bevy of employees, ranging anywhere from high-level executives to  warehouse workers and everyone in between. Throughout his illustrious career, Kewho has handled and managed billions of dollars worth of financial investments and portfolios. He is an expert at consolidating accounts in all areas of a company, including sales, legal, acquisitions, treasury and human resources departments.

Outside of work, Kewho Min is a major proponent of New York City, philanthropy, sports and his family.

Here is a brief interview with Kewho regarding his thoughts on accounting and New York City.

Q: What is it about Accounting that you enjoy?

Kewho Min: I like accounting, and math in general, because it requires a hard answer. Unlike other subjects and industries, accounting usually only has one right answer, and I like finding that answer. I also love the challenge of overcoming an accounting problem. Most clients and situations require simple and pragmatic solutions to incredibly complex problems. I love cracking the code to these issues.

Q: What are your thoughts on the future of accounting?

Kewho Min: It’s a bit tricky. On one hand, I’m always excited for what the future can bring. For example, technology has allowed for accounting to become streamlined and simpler. I can now complete complex operations in mere moments through the use of sophisticated technologies and applications. On the other hand, technology is advancing at such a rate that it could out accountants themselves out of business entirely. That’s worrying. I don’t think that future is too terribly close, but in the next 20-30 years, it’s very possible that human accountants will be a thing of the past.

Q: What is it about New York City that you love so much?

Kewho Min: Everything. What isn’t there to like about it? The city has an energy and a vibe that makes it feel alive. There’s always something to do, something to see and someone to talk to. It literally never sleeps. It’s something magical and it’s the kind of place that needs to be visited in person in order to understand what I’m talking about. It’s a beautiful city founded on diversity in culture and life.

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