In today’s world, things are expensive. A great deal of Americans are feeling the pressure of rising prices and steady wages. It’s difficult to come to terms with, but sometimes you simply need to buckle down and spend less money. Nobody wants to do that; everyone wishes they could spend endless amounts of money, but that just isn’t the reality for the majority of Americans.

So, how can you spend less? Well, luckily, this comes naturally for some people. And I’ve got a few tips and daily habits of the frugal to share with you today.

Don’t Buy the Name Brand

We’ve all been there; we’re standing in the grocery store, looking for an item to purchase, only to be bombarded by a variety of brands, all of which seem to offer the same thing. As humans, we are naturally influenced by advertising (either consciously or subconsciously) and we go with the brand we recognize (Tide, Lucky Charms, Apple, etc.). But sometimes, there’s nothing wrong with going with the store brand, sometimes known as a “generic brand.” They’re often cheaper and can offer the same amount of quality of the name brand. This isn’t always the case, but it often is; at least, it is enough to recommend buying generic.

Plan Ahead

One of the leading reasons for spending so much comes from a lack of preparation. You suddenly realize that you don’t have any toilet paper, so you run out to buy some and spend whatever it costs. If you plan ahead, take an inventory of what you need for the month, and properly go out to the grocery store and take advantage of coupons and discounts, then you can stock up for quite sometime and avoid going to the store frequently and spending more money than necessary. It’s all in the plan.

Buy Used

This is quite simple: don’t go to the brand-new item first. Look for something that has already been used. From cars to clothes and even entertainment like video games, you can spend a lot less if you’re willing to get a slightly worn item.