We’re officially in the month of May. Spring is in full swing, days are getting longer and school is almost over — for some, it’s already over. For many, there is a certain magical feeling in the air during this time. However, for those students leaving the halls of their colleges and universities, the feeling may be one of fear.

“What am I going to do after school?”

“Where can I get a job?

“Are there any jobs available in my field?”


These are all common questions from graduating students. Fortunately, some receive job offers before they graduate, but for the vast majority of graduates, they are thrust headfirst into a world of uncertainty and expected to find a job.


Don’t fear! There are plenty of job opportunities available. To help ease any nervousness, I put together a few careers that any accounting major could easily pursue.


Forensic Accounting

One of the more interesting careers in accounting, forensic accounting boils down to analyzing finances and uncovering fraud. Forensic accountants analyze a variety of finances, ranging anywhere from insurance claims to royalty audits. As a forensic accountant, it is your job to suss out the liars and fraudsters. For those looking for a high-paying job, certification options are available, and are necessary, as certified accountants make 25% more than uncertified accountants. The Bureau of Labor Statistics believes that the field will grow by 13% by the year 2022. So, for those looking for a growing, high-paying and interesting career, why not consider forensic accounting?


Corporate Entertainment Accountant

If the world of unearthing fraud and embezzlement doesn’t seem to entice you, then how about the entertainment industry? As a corporate entertainment accountant, you could work in a variety of fields, ranging from film to television to music. As an accountant for a film studio, you could potentially be on-set, working with the director and producers to ensure that all costs are within the production budget. As an accountant for a record label, you could be on tour working with some of your favorite artists overseeing all spending costs. Now, it won’t necessarily be all fun and games, but this career path will certainly be unforgettable.


Government Accountant

For those looking for a bigger sense of purpose in the accounting world, look no further than government accounting. What greater pride could there be than ensuring the fair and logical spending of government funds? Government accountants typically perform many of the same duties that an accountant would for private companies, such as managing budgets and revenues. And this can be done at any level of government, from federal all the way down to city. Who knows, if you choose this career path, you could wind up working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Securities and Exchange Commission or even the U.S. Department of Treasury.